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One thought on “BCM222 VISUAL ESSAY PITCH

  1. Hey Caitlyn, great work! I found your visual essay pitch really engaging, and informing. You were straight to the point, with a clear visual of what you would be presenting within your assignment, and how you are going to lay it out and present it. You have utilized relevant sources, and supported it through choosing appropriate images. A wide collection of different images have been utilized, involving a lot of colour which assists in captivating the audience’s attention, whilst at the same time informing the about orientalism. You were able to identify the importance that each source had, involving their influence and possible further circumstances that may be accompanied by them i.e. orientalism may be followed by simple to extreme issues such as war; that was a good example linked well with your chosen image. In addition, you were able to expand upon class content and effectively convey how stereotypes are portrayed within your sources, and demonstrate their overall impact in orientalism. Keep up the good work!


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