This research project has taught me a lot about the ways to find information and the importance of being an ethical researcher. My first step when conducting this project was to find which decade BCM212 students were interested in. There would have been no point asking students about their connection to a specific decade if they didn’t have any interest in it. I first thought most students would choose the early 00s as the majority of students would have more memories of this time period, however it was interesting finding out what students connected with this decade. There were times during the project where I was stressed about not getting enough responses. For example when I posted a twitter poll I didn’t get many responses though I reposted it and then seemed to get more, I learnt to not stress about the small things. This also happened with my survey but after a couple of days I had enough responses to have a clear indication about how BCM212 students feel about the 90s. With my creative interview of getting students to provide reflections on how they feel after watching a 90s movie/tv show I only got two responses. As I reached out to people after I posted my survey it was likely many students didn’t have as much time to watch a movie or tv show. Next time I am doing a research project I will make sure to reach out to students with more time and notice, as they will be more likely to participate if they don’t feel pressured by time. In this subject I also learnt the importance of acting in an ethical manner and being sensitive. As my subject matter was a bit personal I made sure to not phrase the questions in a way that students would find triggering and made the questions more open ended. For example I wanted to know if students reminisce much about the 90s. I left this as an open ended question and answers could have included childhood being a reason to reminisce. I did not require any students to talk about that time as this could have brought back bad memories and I also gave them some examples of other answers such as feeling happy or just missing that time in general. I think this project developed my skills and understanding of how a research project is conducted.

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