This research project has taught me a lot about the ways to find information and the importance of being an ethical researcher. My first step when conducting this project was to find which decade BCM212 students were interested in. There would have been no point asking students about their connection to a specific decade ifContinue reading “BCM212 REFLECTION:”


LINK: REFRENCES IMAGES: ads243. 2015. Disney movie’s “Pocahontas” Impact On Our Society. [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 May 2021]. Bald, V., 2015. American Orientalism | Dissent Magazine. [online] Dissent Magazine. Available at: [Accessed 10 May 2021]. Burr, F., 2017. Western “Supremacy” in Danger – Cornell University Library Digital Collections. [online] Available at:Continue reading “BCM222 VISUAL ESSAY PITCH”

BCM212 Pitch

For my BCM212 research project, I will investigate why trends from different decades reappear and become particularly popular among young adults, within my research, I am interested in seeing which decades are most popular among BCM 212 students. So far it is evident from my research that the 90s is the most favoured decade amongContinue reading “BCM212 Pitch”

Contextual essay

The concept of @earthyteaspills is to inform my target audience on a range of ways to live an eco friendly lifestyle through: Reducing waste Endorsing brands DI.Y I created this platform as I am passionate about being eco-friendly and feel many people know the importance of caring for the environment however need to know moreContinue reading “Contextual essay”

Online Presence 2 DA

My initial concept of my DA was to create a page where I would post content surrounding how to be environmentally friendly. Mainly posting quick and easy tips on my story function and making some posts on my feed which relate to living an eco friendly life. I have progressed with my content for myContinue reading “Online Presence 2 DA”


When prototyping I drew inspiration from different instagram accounts, for how to make eco friendly recipes. I was inspired by @laforance mainly through her photography as she constantly had the same or similar white background for making food. While I drew inspiration from @coconutbowls for promoting brands as they are eco friendly I combined bothContinue reading “DA BETA”


For my DA I have created an instagram page called “earthyteaspills”, this page consists of simple easy environment tips which can be implemented in everyday life. I decided to create this page as I am passionate about current environmental issues and raising awareness about how individuals can make a significant difference through simple actions. IContinue reading “BCM 114 DA BLOG”


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