LINK: REFRENCES IMAGES: ads243. 2015. Disney movie’s “Pocahontas” Impact On Our Society. [online] Available at: https://ads243.wordpress.com/2015/03/22/disney-movies-pocahontas-impact-on-our-society/ [Accessed 9 May 2021]. Bald, V., 2015. American Orientalism | Dissent Magazine. [online] Dissent Magazine. Available at: https://www.dissentmagazine.org/article/american-orientalism [Accessed 10 May 2021]. Burr, F., 2017. Western “Supremacy” in Danger – Cornell University Library Digital Collections. [online] Digital.library.cornell.edu. Available at:Continue reading “BCM222 VISUAL ESSAY PITCH”

Introduction Blog BCM 212

My name is Caitlyn Burke I have lived in Sydney Australia for my entire life, I am currently undertaking my second year of the course bachelor of communications and media – international studies. I am majoring in marketing and as of yet I am still undecided whether to major in international relations or global sustainableContinue reading “Introduction Blog BCM 212”


For my DA I have created an instagram page called “earthyteaspills”, this page consists of simple easy environment tips which can be implemented in everyday life. I decided to create this page as I am passionate about current environmental issues and raising awareness about how individuals can make a significant difference through simple actions. IContinue reading “BCM 114 DA BLOG”

Global social media: Pinterest

Pinterest is an app which I use daily, as it is focused around images which I am interested in rather than connecting with friends and family. I often haven’t put much consideration towards the persona which is evident on my account. Pinterest is a virtual scrapbook where different boards can be created to show interests.Continue reading “Global social media: Pinterest”

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